Ironheart Tp Vol 01 Those With Courage


Riri Williams steps boldly out of Tony Starks shadow to forge her own future! When one of Spider-Mans old foes holds a group of world leaders hostage, Ironheart must step up her game. But shes thrown for a loop when an old acquaintance from Chicago re-enters her life! Caught between her need for independence and her obligations at M.I.T., Ironheart needs to make some tough decisions! Luckily, Riri has a will of steel, a heart of iron and a new A.I. on her side! Unluckily, the search for a kidnapped friend will send her stumbling into an ancient power and its deadly! Plus: When Miles Morales goes missing, who better to search for him than his fellow Champion, Riri who hes never actually gotten along with that well! Collecting IRONHEART #1-6. Rated T

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